IOT Smart BTU module and monitoring

  • Commercial and Industrial HVAC accounts for 30% of all electrical use in the USA
  • 40% of that is used by RTUs or Roof Top Units
  • This totals 458 Billion KWH per year.
  • Average KWH is 10.58 cents
  • Total cost of $48 billion per year

IOT Smart BTU Module

Roof Top DX units comprise 54% of the cooling in the US. There are 1.6 million legacy units operating at low efficiency levels. There are 300 thousand units being added each year.

Currently the vast majority of these units are now being operated in an information/data blackout. Residing on roofs with limited access. Companies and owners of these buildings have most likely never even seen the units that service their buildings let alone have any idea how they are performing at any given moment or over the life of its operation.

Building Automation Systems or energy management programs almost never include these units and never look at them from an efficiency perspective. The Biömik IOT smart module now gives the stakeholders an economical option to fill the valuable data gap.

Understanding the units efficiency helps with understanding the effects of the maintenance cycles and services and will validate if you are receiving benefit from your investments.