It can be a very expensive and complex endeavor to study the performance and energy saving effects of a specific improvement to a large mechanical system.

We perform measurement and verification both in house and with third party companies using unique platforms. From the beginning, we understood that demonstrating the value our services delivered would be instrumental in our success. While pursuing sound engineering validation, it became apparent that some customers also had a need for this service and for the findings it provided

Cost of very involved engineering studies can be daunting, so we have developed an IOT smart BTU module. This device will calculate and communicate BTU output of an individual AHU with a Kilo watt hour input and an optional chilled water input for the unit’s coil. This will give a very deep data understanding of the AHU psychometric profile and show a coil or unit efficiency gain.

Larger systems require a Chiller based approach that is focused on chilled water efficiency of the entire cooling loop. We work with a few companies that utilize proprietary platforms that act as a third party on large projects.