Cooling Tower performance restoration increases both power and water efficiency while removing potentially pathogenic biofilms.

Cooling Towers are equally as important to system efficiency as coils. They also have the added concern of becoming a potential liability if legionella in the resident biofilms reach a tipping point. Regardless of your chemical treatment Strategy your tower over time will grow a very robust microbiome and develop scaling issues. These fouling issues will Enhance and nurture the Legionella life cycle and increase the risk of an exposure incident.

Biofouling and scaling also have a huge impact on the efficient functioning of the cooling tower. Towers cool by evaporation of liquid water into water vapor. Biofouling and scaled channels can misdirect the interplay of water on the fill, greatly reducing the net surface area of the cascading water - less surface area equals less evaporation which results in less efficiency.

The Biömik® process has the unique ability to safely remove the biofilms and mineral scale from the tower fill and body. Restoring designed performance and mitigating the risk of a problematic legionella build-up.

Tower Case Study

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Microbiome Bacterial DNA

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