Schoffield Army Base – Hawaii

Biömik was contracted to clean a 50-ton AHU at the army barracks. A third-party test and balance company was engaged to provide full air and chilled water analysis of the project.

Airflow, temperature, and humidity of the air along with chilled water temperature and GPM were measured and recorded before and after the cleaning.

The test unit had been previously cleaned with traditional methods 3 months prior to our test. There was also a UV light bathing the intake side of the coil and plenum.

Project Results:

  • Airflow increased by 13%
  • Cooling efficiency increased from 6002 BTUH per GPM to 9088 BTUH per GPM
    • This represents an improvement in the operational performance of the cooling unit by 50% (fifty percent)

These results are even more impressive given this coil had been cleaned just 3 months earlier with conventional processes and using standard cleaning agents