Coleman Young Building

Contractor: Hines Property Management

Awarded a Hines Best Practice for this project

Hines Property Management utilized all traditional coil cleaning methodologies in an effort to increase delivered cooling BTUs for the building. The 50-year-old coils were performing far below their designed capacity resulting in severe comfort issues during the summer months. There were also odor issues that re-occurred at certain times of the year.

Biomik was contracted to utilize the Biomik Process as a last attempt to restore coil performance and avoid the $1 Million Capital Expenditure Project of re-placing the coils in all 9 AHU. Cost and operational downtime were further complicated by the location of the AHU in the mechanical Penthouse of the two towers

Biomik increased CFM output of all 9 AHU by an average of 23% with a couple of units as high as 45%. There was a corresponding increase in the Delta T across the coil of 15% and further improvement of humidity reduction of 19%. Hines engineers later confirmed that the coils had been returned to the designed performance of the original blueprints 50 years ago.

The net results for the City, County, and Hines was that the building was now easily handling even the hottest days in the summer without tenant complaint. The biological odor was eliminated, and energy cost was reduced by moving up the chilled water set point. Most importantly the $1 million Capex has been avoided to this day, 9 years later.