There are many ways you can access this exciting Technology and become part of our HVAC optimization revolution

  • Engage with Biömik® directly to provide services anywhere in the US. We have worked all over the US in all kinds of facilities and would like to be the solution to your problems
  • We can connect you with one of our trained and licensed service providers. These are highly reputable firms that deliver the Biömik® process with top-notch technicians
  • If you are interested in becoming a licensee, we would be happy to have that discussion and see if we would be a good fit. The first step would be to execute an NDA/non-circumvention document to facilitate an open conversation.
  • If you have qualified staff that you would like to perform this work in-house, we could give you a limited license and train and equip your staff to confidently perform this work to ensure great results. We would be happy to discuss this opportunity after an NDA/non-circumvention document has been executed.

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