Measuring energy use and efficiency in HVAC/Mechanical systems can be very complex and costly.

Unlike a lighting retro fit project with just a couple constant data points to measure, HVAC has multiple data points that change by the second and have complicated relationships to each others. To understand how any system improvement increases efficiency and saves energy  you must simultaneously track, trend and record all the data points over a sufficient period of time and compare the change in performance.

Biömik is pioneering the methodologies that combine sound engineering protocols with low cost internet of things (IOT) smart modules that  deliver unprecedented understanding into exactly how systems perform at the critical heat exchanging interface. This depth of insight is necessary in quantifying overall system performance gains and energy savings.

Biömik has extensive case studies performed both in house and through third parties that establish:

  • AHU BTU output gain of up to 100%
  • Chilled water coil efficiency gains between 30%-50%
  • Simple paybacks measured in week and months, not years

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