Before making the decision to replace coils, AHUs, chillers and cooling towers first consider Biömik Performance Restoration.

By optimizing the thermal transfer along with air and water flow of critical heat exchangers you may not need to spend all that money and endure lengthy systems downtime.

We have shaved our clients millions of dollars and quickly solved the performance issues that interfere with daily operations. In many cases, we can push the equipment life cycle off indefinitely or sometimes buy a few years to budget in replacement and choose a time that makes sense.

HVAC and mechanical systems lose performance over years of use and fouling both inorganic and biological. This loss often goes unnoticed until it reaches a critical point.  Changing set points within the system can treat the poor performance symptoms but bends the systems out of it's designed efficiency. When there is no more room to adjust set points the problems become obvious to everyone.

The Biömik Process can clean to a microscopic level and bring back the designed performance of aging and badly fouled systems at a tiny fraction of the cost of replacement and often within a single work shift with no interruption of facility operations.

West Ward DX Case Study

Coleman Young Building Avoids 1 Million Dollar CAPEX

Biömik Coil Cleaning Montage