About our Company

We came of age in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, working to restore badly damaged and contaminated HVAC systems in New Orleans. We then mobilized to many large loss projects for floods, fires, and storm damage. During a long and involved project at a newspaper printing plant, we discovered that our work was having a major impact on system performance and therefore efficiency.

We asked ourselves how much energy are we saving our clients – there seemed to be no established way of quantifying this with available engineering practices. We then began our long journey of discovery and invention to gain this valuable knowledge.

   Deliver substantial gains in performance and energy savings
   Quantify those gains in sound financial data for all shareholders 
   Avoid CapEx and extend life cycle of expensive infrastructure
  Create better environmental conditions

    Engage with us to solve your problems
   Access our network of service providers 
   Learn and become licensed in-house to meet your own needs
Jeff Seippel began as a small contractor working long days around the country bringing badly damaged and contamination HVAC and mechanical system back online. Along the way, he discovers that what he was really doing was saving a lot of energy. He has since worked with many partners private and public to bring Biomik's current set of services to you.