Restore performance, avoid equipment replacement.

Improve HVAC performance and extend equipment life by restoring systems to their “like-new” condition.

Treat your building’s air before it gets sick.

Air Handling Units and Cooling Towers can develop problematic biological environments. Our patented approach will help with odors, Allergens, Legionella, and VOCs.
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Improve performance and use less energy, we can prove it.

Reduce energy consumption and building operating costs by returning your expensive HVAC equipment into high-performing, efficient air handling systems. Our measurement and verification system confirms your savings.
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We are HVAC Optimization. Leading provider of revolutionary, economical and sustainable solutions for maintenance and care of mechanical systems.

Biömik has grown by developing new standards in HVAC optimization and care. We combine breakthroughs in CIP processes, BioFilm science and IOT M&V platforms.

Biofilm and your HVAC Unit

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Our Vision and Promise

Our goal is to bring disruptive change to the HVAC market in efficiency, life cycle extension, IAQ and operating cost reduction. We will achieve this by leveraging biological breakthroughs, innovative CIP technologies and Internet of Things capabilities delivered with best of class service from our in house and licensed service provider network.